Over the years, Sri Lanka has seduced numerous tourists and even Marco Polo named it the finest island of its size in the whole world. Marco Polo was not wrong when he claimed that because Sri Lanka tour packages include some of the most extraordinary places to visit. It is lapped by the Indian Ocean and its coats are fringed with refreshing beaches. The interior boasts of compelling landscapes that range from wildlife-rich jungles to immaculately manicured tea plantations. These jungles are home to an extensive population of leopards, elephants and very rare bird species.

Below are some travel tips if you’re planning for a Sri Lanka holiday;

  • Get active

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Sri Lanka is mostly known for its beaches, stupas and tea plantations but there are many adrenaline packed activities as well. You should definitely try the surfing in Arugam Bay because you will love it. Hiking the Knuckles Mountain Range should be the nest thing on the list and if you feel up to it, white-water rafting in Kelaniya Ganga, Kitulgala will be a thrill of a lifetime. Cycling holidays have also become popular and there are international tour operators who offer tours.

  • Plan on the seasons

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Every season you will have a different experience so plan depending on the places you want to visit. If for instance you would like to climb the Adam’s Peak, the pilgrimage season between May and December would be best because there are usually hundreds of locals who will provide better climbing atmosphere than a few tourists would.

  • Visit Colombo

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With rooftop bars, jazz clubs, international restaurants and boutique stores, Colombo is one of the cities you should look forward to visiting. You can settle there for a while and experience what local life is like watching families flying kites on Galle Face Green.

  • Put your focus on the food

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Sri Lankan food is simply delicious; you will have to try it. Of course, you have to know where to find the really good stuff. The bowl-shaped hoppers normally served early in the morning and late afternoon are a must have. The lunchtime rice and curry is to die for and the Kottu Rotty, only available in the evening will be a delight. You will find most of these foods in guesthouse kitchens, as there are few to no food stalls around.

  • Conclusion

Sri Lanka tourism offers an amazing experience for visitors to sample what the country has to offer. For the smoothest trip, be sure to get a reliable tour planning company to help make your travel and stay easy.