Cab Service Sri Lanka

If you are planning to travel to the multicultural island of Sri lanka or are already here for vacation or business, then it is important to know the different Sri Lanka cab services available for you. This article will provide you customer information on the Kango, Ace, Kangaroo and Derana Cabs.


Kango Cab Service

Kango Cab is a cab service provider in Sri lanka that provides you with a host range of services that include airport transfers, tourist driver services, office to home, and wedding cars among many other personalized services. If you are looking for cab service for your wedding, Kango Services can provide you with a personalized service of an unmarked car so that your wedding sails through with no transport hitches. Their cars also are GPS secure.


Besides the latter, Kango cab service has additional security features in that their drivers are well trained and approved before they start working for the company

Lastly, when it comes to costs, you can be assured you will not get ripped off as Kango charges are pre approved and metered.

Ace Cab Service

Ace cab has been there for more than 15 years. It has considerably increased its cab services which as at 2005 stood at 50 cars and 10 cabs. The good thing to note about their cars is that they have good air conditioning and their cabs are metered for better customer experience.

Derana Cab Service


If you are looking for a premium car service that provides cab services and you are in Kandy, Sri lanka, then Dearana cab could be it. Their cab service has been existent for over 10 years, and boast of having in excess of 200 cabs for service. They provide VIP airport pickups and drop- offs including, making bus travel arrangements in case you intend on exploding Sri lanka island with your many friends.

Kangaroo Cab Service

Is the most experienced Sri Lanka cab service provider with over 25 years experience in the industry. With them, you can be confident of good customer service as they do: airport pickups, drop-offs, travelling within Colombo hotspots in Sri Lanka; and also from Colombo to other Sri lanka cities.

Kangaroo Cabs

Cab Service Sri Lanka is all also about efficient booking,  thus you can book your cab through visiting the kangaroo cab website or make email and phone enquiries.


Research is an important part of making a worthwhile cab service choice in Sri lanka. Ace, Derana, Kangaroo and Kango are just a few of the many excellent cab service Sri lanka has to offer.

Sri Lanka: A Wonder You Should Indulge in

Over the years, Sri Lanka has seduced numerous tourists and even Marco Polo named it the finest island of its size in the whole world. Marco Polo was not wrong when he claimed that because Sri Lanka tour packages include some of the most extraordinary places to visit. It is lapped by the Indian Ocean and its coats are fringed with refreshing beaches. The interior boasts of compelling landscapes that range from wildlife-rich jungles to immaculately manicured tea plantations. These jungles are home to an extensive population of leopards, elephants and very rare bird species.

Below are some travel tips if you’re planning for a Sri Lanka holiday;

  • Get active

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Sri Lanka is mostly known for its beaches, stupas and tea plantations but there are many adrenaline packed activities as well. You should definitely try the surfing in Arugam Bay because you will love it. Hiking the Knuckles Mountain Range should be the nest thing on the list and if you feel up to it, white-water rafting in Kelaniya Ganga, Kitulgala will be a thrill of a lifetime. Cycling holidays have also become popular and there are international tour operators who offer tours.

  • Plan on the seasons

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Every season you will have a different experience so plan depending on the places you want to visit. If for instance you would like to climb the Adam’s Peak, the pilgrimage season between May and December would be best because there are usually hundreds of locals who will provide better climbing atmosphere than a few tourists would.

  • Visit Colombo

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With rooftop bars, jazz clubs, international restaurants and boutique stores, Colombo is one of the cities you should look forward to visiting. You can settle there for a while and experience what local life is like watching families flying kites on Galle Face Green.

  • Put your focus on the food

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Sri Lankan food is simply delicious; you will have to try it. Of course, you have to know where to find the really good stuff. The bowl-shaped hoppers normally served early in the morning and late afternoon are a must have. The lunchtime rice and curry is to die for and the Kottu Rotty, only available in the evening will be a delight. You will find most of these foods in guesthouse kitchens, as there are few to no food stalls around.

  • Conclusion

Sri Lanka tourism offers an amazing experience for visitors to sample what the country has to offer. For the smoothest trip, be sure to get a reliable tour planning company to help make your travel and stay easy.

Top Sri Lanka Travel Advice

Nothing beats the excitement that comes with booking a holiday to a new destination because you always look forward to the great places you will see. However, travelling to a new place can also get confusing and daunting. No matter, if this is your first time visiting Sri Lanka, here is some advice for you. This will help you plan ahead as well as during the visit so you will be able to focus more on the fun part.

The best time to visit Sri Lanka

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The Sri Lankan tourism and hospitality industry is a thriving one. The island nation is one of the greatest destinations where you will enjoy beautiful and relaxing beaches and you can do this any time of the year. Of course, you must know what side of the island you want to visit. During May to September, visit the north and east coast because the south and west experience rains at that time. It is best to visit the west between November and April whereas December to April is the best months for the south.

Passport, Visa and money

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You should apply for a visa beforehand using the ETA, precisely 90 days before departure. It will be valid for 30 days extendable by the Department of Immigration if you wish to stay longer. The Sri Lankan Rupee goes up to a 5000 denomination so try to carry loose change for smaller purchases. It’s easy to exchange money in the hotels but banks are better when it comes to rates. You can use a Visa or MasterCard in hotels, restaurants and larger shops. Ensure your Passport is valid for at least 6 months before you travel.

Accommodation in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lankan holidays are some of the most interesting because you will get to interact with the locals. Small-scale accommodations with local characters where you could either spend a night with a local family or in a safari tent are some of the best. A typical hotel tour will give you either of the below options;
In style accommodation-, this could be anything from a British hotel surrounded by tea hills, a cottage surrounded by tropical gardens or an eco-friendly resort surrounded by mangrove forests.
Standard Accommodation- A small scale B&B with local charm and welcome will be nothing short of awesome. You could also stay at a rural hotel with some panoramic views of the enchanting mountain views or find a relaxing retreat at a glorious beach.
Simple accommodation- Sometimes during travels, the comforts matters little compared to the experiences and in this instance, staying at a local family’s home will be an amazing experience. Of course not to say that their homes will be uncomfortable, on the contrary you will feel right at home and get to experience a unique insight into their lives. A lodge would also be nice because you will enjoy the natural peace in the island.